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Arogya Diet Kit – 3O Days Plan



With years of research and experience, our team of experts has carefully curated the Arogya Diet Kit, a comprehensive package that combines the power of nature and nutrition. We believe in the healing properties of whole foods and have crafted a kit that harnesses the benefits of various ingredients to address specific health concerns.


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Our specially curated kit is your passport to optimal health and well-being, offering a revolutionary approach to shedding stubborn pounds or chronic diseases and reclaiming your vitality. With our Arogya Diet Kit, you’ll discover a new way of eating that not only supports weight loss but also tackles common health concerns head-on.

Package Consists of

Product Quantity
Copra Coconut Oil 3 liters
Pumpkin Seeds Powder 750 gm
Watermelon Seeds Powder 750 gm
Sesame Seeds Powder 750 gm
Flax Seeds Powder 750 gm
Sea Salt 750 gm
Sunflower Seeds Powder 750 gm
Multi-Vitamin Capsules 30
Omega Capsules 30

** These contents are thoughtfully chosen to provide a variety of essential nutrients and support a healthy and balanced diet for an entire month.

Weight 10 kg

1 review for Arogya Diet Kit – 3O Days Plan

  1. arogyadietkit

    “I have been using the Arogya Diet Kit for the past month, and I am thrilled with the results. Not only did I lose weight, but I also feel more energized and healthier overall. The kit provided me with a variety of nutritious ingredients and meal plans that made it easy to follow a balanced diet. The resources and guidance included were incredibly helpful in understanding the principles behind the kit and making sustainable lifestyle changes. I highly recommend the Arogya Diet Kit to anyone looking to improve their health and achieve their weight loss goals.”

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