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Arogya Diet Kit – 1O Days Plan



With years of research and experience, our team of experts has carefully curated the Arogya Diet Kit, a comprehensive package that combines the power of nature and nutrition. We believe in the healing properties of whole foods and have crafted a kit that harnesses the benefits of various ingredients to address specific health concerns.


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Our specially curated kit is your passport to optimal health and well-being, offering a revolutionary approach to shedding those stubborn pounds or chronic diseases and reclaiming your vitality.With our Arogya Diet Kit, you’ll discover a new way of eating that not only supports weight loss but also tackles common health concerns head-on.

Package Consists of

Product Quantity
Copra Coconut Oil 1 liter
Pumpkin Seeds Powder 250g
Watermelon Seeds Powder 250g
Sesame Seeds Powder 250g
Flax Seeds Powder 250g
Sea Salt 250g
Sunflower Seeds Powder 250g
Multi-Vitamin Capsules 10
Omega Capsules 10

** These contents are thoughtfully chosen to provide a variety of essential nutrients and support a healthy and balanced diet for 10 days.

Weight 10 kg


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